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Poster: JihadOMuffin Date: Mar 27, 2011 5:55pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: To cut or not to cut the Gordian knot?

I agree with what your saying. My main problem is when I talk to some Libertarians, they just seem very radical one way or another, just to be Radical. For example at the Farmer's Market in SLO, CA where I live I talk to the guys at the libertarian booth and they are more concerned with the War on Poverty than the War on Drugs. I 100% agree with the Concept that giving handouts to people makes them lazy and not willing to work, but there are people who deserve help. What about the people who have cancer due too a Corporation polluting their environment? Do they not deserve justice? In a 100% libertarian world the answer would be to go blow that CEO away, eye for an eye, no laws against Murder no laws against polluting.

I have had discussions about how to create a better libertarian society. The answer to me seems to be to cut everything, except education. Free education for everyone, so they understand the choices they make,and why and how our society works. I might vote for a republican because I like the ideals, but they are not truly for less government, only the government they dislike. Which is essentially the Christian ideals: no abortion, no gay marriage, strict moral laws. I mention the War on Drugs because as I see it, the police are biggest threat to our way of life, there is no other force that can affect lives in such a profound way as the police do.

This summer as a couple of friends and I were going to some Furthur shows we ended up getting busted in Utah. The absolute worst place to deal with police. I now have to take piss tests for 12 months! Luckily I am smarter than them and I am faking the tests and it works fine, but still, it is just crazy to me. I could be shooting up heroin, drinking whiskey all day, smoking meth, and after three days all that would be out of my system. But god forbid I smoke some pot and it stays in my system for a couple months and they send me to jail for that. The more I deal with police the more radical my anti-government views get, not like the Republican anti-government views, more like the Weather Underground. I just watched a video about Tommy Chong getting busted, and literally there was a DEA agent giving a power point presentation on Bongs (She probably made over 100,000$ a year) and literally was like, "This is where put the drugs...This is where you put the water.." Just plain stupid. And it makes me angrier and angrier. Just the other day police fined a bunch of people in San Luis Obispo for having their trash cans out too long...100$ fine.

I think for this next generation their will be a violent revolt. The young people are getting pissed, and as long as people start reading more books and laying off the TV and media bullshit, hopefully it will happen. I look forward to that day, and will support it.

I have an excellent history teacher, and he not like mainstream teachers. Every book he assigns he wrote. He main focus in Early U.S. History, and Afro-American History. He speaks more about how we should view history then how it actually happened. He teaches us to question what people say about history, and his class is the first time I ever heard about the slave revolts in the early 19th century. The first time I heard someone speak bad about Jefferson, but also defend criticisms about him.

Maybe I am completely on the wrong track here, but Corporate power seems just as threatening as the Federal Government. They seem to go hand in hand, Government helping out corporations and corporations getting politicians elected. I would like to know what you think about that Citzens United ruling that many liberals are frothing from the mouth about.